Grow something
that will last.

Seed support for startups.

Seed Starter

Seed Starter is a new program from Česká spořitelna. We are looking for 'long-game' startups - business plans that have the potential to last for 200 years, thanks to their vision and value for customers. Just like Česká spořitelna.

We help startups on the road to success. We offer companies equity investments during the seed phase, professional incubation and a wide network of partners and customers, with whom we can connect startups and help them enter and scale up in the market.

Our partners include innovation-focused company Unicorn Attacks and startup incubator UP21. Together we form a team of experts and mentors, bridging the startup and corporate worlds.

Who is
the program for?

  1. We focus on young companies with a great product or service, a clear vision and high ambitions - not only in the field of fintech.
  2. We are not looking for projects in the idea phase, but for those which already have a working MVP, a dedicated team and a real need for seed investment to propel further growth.
  3. Our program is designed for both Czech and foreign startups, which could ideally create synergies with Česká spořitelna in terms of a product for our customers or within our company. Successful startups may also subsequently offer their products via our extensive distribution network.

How do we work with startups?

It all starts by filling in an application for the Seed Starter program. Selected projects are then invited to an intensive two-day bootcamp, during which we will thoroughly test each venture to see if it has what it takes to go the distance. If you successfully pass the investment selection process, we will hand you over to the care of experienced mentors and you will receive all the support needed during the seed phase.

Grow your business seed by seed. With proper care, something healthy, long-lasting and great can emerge. We would be pleased to become your long-term partner.